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Refinishing Services

Cerakote is a ceramic and polymer based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood.  It will not break down, peel or dissolve. Cerakote is a hard, thin coating that is resistant to all common gun solvents and cleaners and gives excellent protection from corrosion and abrasion. It is not easily worn off such as bluing, phosphate or chemically blackened surface treatments that, once worn though, can leave metal surfaces bare and unprotected from the elements. Cerakote does not attract dirt or dust, has excellent impact resistance and is non-reflective. Cerakote is available in hundreds of colors. See https://www.cerakote.com/shop/cerakote-coating for a complete listing. 



PRICE SHEET 08-01-2021

        • Complete semi-auto handgun $400 (includes all parts except barrel, springs, some internal fire control parts)
        • Semi-auto slide or frame only $260
        • Revolver $350
        • Bolt action rifle $300
        • Pump shotgun $300
        • AR-15 upper or lower (inc. dis/reassembly) $200 – complex handguards may be additional. 
        • Fixed stock AK/Saiga $350 (folders price on request)
        • Magazines $35 each or 3 for $90
        • Two-tone or non-standard colors add $60+

Standard colors are black, OD green, dark gray, light gray and FDE.

I don’t do camo, designs or patterns.