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Gunkote FAQ

What is Gunkote?

Gun Kote is an epoxy-based, thermoset resin finish that will not break down, peel or dissolve. Gunkote gives excellent protection from abrasion and corrosion. It is not easily worn off such as bluing, phosphate or other surface treatments. Gun Kote does not attract dirt or dust, has excellent impact resistance and is non-reflective. Gun Kote is available in Black, Gray, Olive Drab Green, Stainless, Silver, Gold, Gloss Black, Tan (Dark Earth), Service Brown and White.

So it’s like paint? Will it peel off or will solvents take it off?

Gunkote is more than just paint.  Once it is applied, the only way to remove Gunkote is to abrasive blast the part. It is a hard, thin coating that is resistant to all known gun solvents and thinners.

Will Gunkote keep my firearm from rusting?

Gun Kote affords the user outstanding corrosion protection, up to 1000 hours salt spray at 5% salt.  Tests by the South African Naval Logistics Dept. showed Gun Kote will withstand an equivalent of a 7 year exposure (Test preformed on aluminum in a salt spray chamber 50/50 on/off time at 35 degrees C.)

Parts coated with intact Gunkote are effectively rust-proof under normal usage and circumstances.  While more resistant to damage and wear than normal bluing or parkerizing, if abused, the Gunkote finish can be damaged, scratched or scraped off.  However, those areas where normal wear or small scratches are present still appear to have some lasting protection from corrosion.

** No finish is immune from wear, including holster wear.  Keeping your holster and weapon clean and free of abrasive dirt and grime will aid in keeping the Gunkote finish looking its best. **

Do I still need to lubricate my firearm?

To assure proper functioning, you should lubricate or grease your firearm according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Though not necessary to prevent rust, you can also apply a thin coating of oil to the exterior surfaces if you like.

What can be refinished in Gunkote?

Gunkote can be applied to most quality firearms, including aluminum frames.  Other metal items such as magazines, knives and fishing gear can benefit from gunkote.  Since the final process of the Gunkote procedure involves “setting” the finish by baking it in a special oven at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees, gunkote cannot be applied to wood or plastics.

How long does it take?

I strive for a turnaround time of less than two weeks.